New Toys: CAD Audio C98 Cardioid Condenser Mic

To celebrate over 90 years in the microphone industry, the CAD C98 Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone is specifically designed for drum sets, conga/bongo drums, timbale, Cajon, tablas—really any acoustical percussive instrument.

You get a medium cardioid polar pattern to reject sound leakage from other loud instruments on stage as well as cymbals and other drums within a kit if you use the C98 on tom-toms, for example. Frequency response of the electret capsule is rated at 50Hz to 20kHz and the C98 will handle high SPL from drums.

In my tests, both the gooseneck design and included drum rim mounting bracket (that also clamps on RIMS or Dynamount systems) made it easy to get the C98 pointed at exactly where I want it—even in the tightest positions around a kit, all without using a mic stand. 

We got great sound using it on a Ludwig Acrolite snare drum and it brought out a monstrous low end on an 8 X 12 rack tom, yet it was not overly boomy on the kit's 16 X 16 floor tom.

With a full 2-year warranty, the C98 is now available at $119 MSRP.