The MLC Announces Events for Pride Month and Black Music Month

The MLC believes the diversity of its outreach efforts should match the diversity of its Membership. "We aim to foster a thriving environment where all artists and creators can flourish, achieve recognition and receive rightful compensation for their contributions to the music industry. Our upcoming events commemorate Black Music Month and Pride Month and serve as platforms for education and empowerment by magnifying diverse voices and providing invaluable resources to creators.
Black Music Month
"The MLC's "The Writer Behind the Song" series shines a spotlight on The MLC's songwriter members through a candid conversation about music, career and their personal journeys. Our Black Music Month edition will be moderated by Janishia Jones, CEO of Fresh 'N Sassy Productions, and will feature a panel of Black women songwriters. 
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"In this in-person workshop at The MLC's office in Nashville, Dae Bogan, Head of Third-Party Partnerships, will guide new and emerging Hip-Hop and R&B music creators through a 2-hour crash course demystifying music rights, credits, income entitlements, publishing administration and the flow and payout of U.S. digital music royalties.   Participants will engage in individual and group simulations including contribution and credit tracking, split negotiations, the impact of samples on copyrights and royalties, work registrations, claiming royalty shares and much more to gain a deeper understanding of how their contributions to songs and recordings translate into royalty payments from The MLC and other organizations." 
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Pride Month
Join us for the 3rd edition of "Tuning Into Pride: An LGBT Music Industry Roundtable" moderated by Nick Larsson Billet (he/him), CEO of Midas Music Inc. and YawnyBlew (he/him), singer-songwriter and podcast host. Tune in for a candid conversation about the issues and opportunities impacting LGBT music creators and music industry professionals. Engage in the Q&A as panelists unpack and discuss current events, their music and videos, their career journeys, future music creator rights and representation for LGBT artists and more. 
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