New Toys: Dear Reality EXOVERB MICRO

EXOVERB MICRO is Dear Reality’s latest reverb plug-in for stereo productions. This is a darling of a reverb plug-in that uses the same reverb engine as Dear Reality's EXOVERB but comes with just the eight most popular "greatest hits"—two each of Rooms, Halls, Plates, and Ambiences.

In Pro Tools, when I set up both EXOVERB MICRO and EXOVERB so that I could switch it back and forth from the same source, it has remarkably the same sound with MICRO having a much simpler GUI and without EXOVERB's abilities to precisely tweak a reverb.

You have the same intuitive triangular-shaped "playing-field" surface with a joystick controller to get where you want immediately. Now both Pre-Delay and Decay are separate parameter boxes and adjustable by mouse rather than by turning controls down in the parameter box at the bottom of EXOVERB. 

I'm using EXOVERB MICRO in my mixes for adding ambiences—touches and colorations to individual tracks, "wet/dry" style. Sometimes it is this added "touch" that brings a three-dimensional quality in the most unusual way on instruments and voices. I love it!

Dear Reality EXOVERB MICRO sells for EUR/USD $25.