New Toys: VocoPro JellyBeam Light Effect

VocoPro's new LED Light with moving JellyBeam Effect is a small, portable light show that works under any existing lighting conditions, from a lighted or dimly lit room to total darkness—and that is the best!

JellyBeam is a small globe—a ball about 6-inches in diameter covered in soft foam that projects a wide-angle display of vivid multicolored jellyfish-like images. You'll have to see the mesmerizing amorphous shapes it projects for a soothing effect.

The unit sits on a metal base so it can be aimed at walls or up at the ceiling; it is powered by an included power supply and USB-C cable. It is small enough to sit just behind my computer monitor and projects on the ceiling of my mix studio.

I liked the included handheld wireless remote that works on a radio frequency so you don’t have to aim it at the JellyBeam itself to have it work. With the remote you can control and synchronize multiple JellyBeam lights, control the speed of the swirling 'amoebas' floating in space around an on your ceiling, change their intensity, or change to any of 10 colors. I leave it on Auto for a constantly changing effect.

What a great way to enliven any space—it is the first order of conversation when people first come my studio to work on their music!

The VocoPro JellyBeam Light Effect sells for $129 MSRP.