New Toys: Auburn Sounds Renegate

Renegate is an adaptive noise gate plugin that runs Native in VST2/3, AU, AAX hosts in Macs, Linux, and Windows 10. Renegate is unique in that it uses a “43-band psychoacoustic auditory model” of the way humans detect loudness. I was intrigued! Noise gates are usually just triggered by the increase in level of an audio signal over a preset threshold setting.

I received the full version and quickly found it has selectable 6dB/octave modeled low-pass or high-pass filters and 4X over-sampling. There is a look-ahead feature so that the fast attack transients of audio will not be missed or late being detected.

I could gate a mono or stereo audio track in three different ways.  Conventional gating for noise and standard cleanups happens using the Threshold fader located in the Detector section in the center of the GUI. A second way to open the gate is to use MIDI triggering. The plugin automatically sets up an unused Input MIDI node and using my MIDI keyboard, I was ready to “fire” the gate any time. There are a lot of possibilities here to explore because in this mode, the input level coming into Renegate doesn’t matter.

The third way to open the gate is using a built-in, programmable sequencer that syncs to your session tempo. When in operation the 16 individual steps turn yellow indicating audio is passing through at that precise moment.

I thought Renegate an awesome tool for not only basic noise gating but more interesting as a sequencer-like effect and for programmable MIDI effects. The full version of Renegate sells for $29 as a download.