New Toys: Gauge Precision Instruments Lush Vox

The Gauge Lush Vox plugin is a collection of modeled vocal chains with compressors that are easily controlled by a single fader labeled Para-Comp+. Developed by Jeff Piergeorge and Dr. Chandler Bridges with Final Mix software, Lush Vox is a parallel compressor designed to work on any source, but is optimized for lead vocals and lead instruments.

There are different compressors and unique pro vocal chains emulated inside each setting; both analog vintage and modern units are represented. There are five lighted “Style” buttons that you’ll get to know as well. They are Smooth, M/S or Medium Smooth, Medium, M/H or Medium Hard, and Hard. Within each of these styles, the preset attack and release times are optimized for vocals so that they will clearly stand out from the track in a controlled way based on the setting of the Para-Comp+ fader.

Parallel compression allows for very drastic compression, but since you can mix back in some of the original uncompressed sound, the sonic fidelity can be carefully maintained. I found Lush Vox perfect for compressing lead vocals when I’m in a hurry and without the time to audition several different vocal chains and compressors with various settings.

To start, I usually put the Para-Comp+ a little more than half way in its range to really hear what Lush Vox is doing! And then I just click through the various five styles to arrive at one that fits the mood, timbre, and vocalist’s style.

Switching from the Smooth to Hard style does not increase the overall volume greatly—a big help when listening along with the backing track playing! There is no EQ in Lush Vox, but the Hard position does harden up a singer’s timbre as if the singer actually sang much louder, whereas Smooth seems very gentle and laid back.

Lush Vox normally sells for $99 MSRP and right now on sale at $34. Music Connection readers can use the      discount code “MCROCKS$” when purchased from our website.