New Toys: Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor

Auto-Tune Compressor is the perfect treatment—the follow-up processor after you've compiled and tuned your lead vocal perfectly. Because you get four distinct and different compressors and many styles of vocal compression all at the ready along with the built-in machine learning, you can precisely and quickly determine the best possible compression/limiting processor for your vocal(s).

There is the fast-attack FET Compressor that has all the same settings and parameters as the UA 1176LN hardware limiter including an analog Warm saturation mode. Next is the Opto A compressor that models a classic tube compressor. Opto B is similar except it adds complete compressor controls: Ratio, Attack and Release timings to Opto A's simplified controls. I liked Opto A for bass guitar compression.

Last but not least is the Modern Compressor with advanced controls for problematic vocals or any other source. Besides high-pass/low-pass filters and side-chain capabilities, Modern also has Auto-Tune Pitch Filter that, when switched on, tracks the fundamental pitch of the vocal at the same time. This is a feature I have not seen or used before and I am excited to fold it into my daily music mix workflow when needed.

So Auto-Tune Compressor is the companion processor to Auto-Tune Vocal EQ for completing the finishing touches on your vocal tracks. 

Auto-Tune Compressor is part of the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription ($24.99/month or 174.99/year) and there is 14-day trial available. A perpetual plug-in version at $179 is also available.