Signing Story: Troy Cartwright

Date Signed: January 2023

Label: Big Machine Music

Type of Music: Country

Management: Red Light Management

Booking: N/A

Legal: Chip Petree

Publicity: [email protected]


A&R: N/A

Troy Cartwright started writing songs at 12 years old. Eventually, he decided to make music his career and attended Berklee College of Music. After graduating in 2012, he moved back to his hometown of Dallas. A popular EP followed, which was then succeeded by a full-length recording.

Radio play came, as did another EP, more airplay, and an agency deal. All this culminated in a publishing agreement with Warner Chappell Music. As a country songwriter, there’s no better place to be than Music City, so he set down roots in Nashville.

Although his publishing agreement would soon expire, he was receiving traction with a song recorded by RCA Records Nashville artist Ryan Hurd. Cartwright attended a performance where Hurd would be playing his composition, “What Are You Drinking”.

At the show, Cartwright bumped into Big Machine Publishing’s Michelle Attardi. She inquired about his current songwriting deal. “When it’s time to start looking, I want to be your first call,” she offered. A couple months later, he dialed her number. “The rest just kind of happened,” divulges Cartwright.

There were multiple offers on the table, yet Big Machine triumphed over the others. “I’m an artist and a songwriter,” the rising star explains. He appreciates how Big Machine supports his simultaneous pursuit of those twin paths. Noting Hurd’s track record during his own time at Big Machine made the decision clearer.

Besides, the contract’s terms aligned perfectly with what he wanted. Gushes Cartwright, “When they sent over the deal points, I joked that it’s like they crawled into my brain and wrote down exactly what I was looking for.” Nonetheless, instinct played a role. “At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut,” the singer philosophizes. “And I thought, ‘My gut is telling me this is the opportunity that will provide me with the most success.’” – Andy Kaufmann