New Toys: Austrian Audio OD 303 Dynamic Vocal Mic

The new Austrian Audio OD303 dynamic is all you need for a good live vocal mic and nothing you don't. It is rugged with a die-cast all metal body that has a good 'heft' and feel in your hand. The OD303 shares the same body design with the other new handheld mics from Austrian Audio: the OD505 active dynamic and the OC707 True Condenser models. The OD303 and OD505 mics have stylish black with colorful red highlights while the OC707 is gunmetal gray with red highlights. All three come with a sturdy clip to attach it to mic stand. 

The Austrian Audio OD303 uses a ODC50 dual-capsule design and their Open Acoustic technology to deliver a super cardioid polar pattern you'll want for excellent feedback rejection at all times no matter how and where your artist holds the mic. I also liked the 3D Pop Noise Diffuser that will reduce "T" and "P" plosives commonly heard from singers who like to "eat" microphones.

I tried the OD303 for a lead vocal/rap performer and I just loved the sound of this mic! This mic has a tremendous rejection of all sound not aimed straight into its front grill. Off-axis rejection was amazing; when my artist moved off to one side, he was gone! Close in on the mic produces some proximity effect or bass buildup but it can be used to thicken up a thin voice—especially in live sound!

The Austrian Audio OD303 Dynamic Vocal Mic sells for $119 MSRP and comes with a storage pouch.