New Toys: Solid State Logic Ultraviolet Stereo EQ

SSL now has the Ultraviolet Stereo Equalizer, a four-band, minimum phase EQ whose two-band, Hi/Lo shelving equalizer section is from the Violet EQ section of the analog Solid State Logic Fusion 2U rack-mounted stereo processor. The UV EQ comes as a two slot 500-series module.

The low shelf frequency section has 30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz and 90Hz frequency choices while the high frequency shelving EQ has four frequency choices: 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, and 20kHz. Both have their own Gain controls for up to +/- 9dB of boost/cut.

The UV EQ has the frequencies and tonal footprint of past SSL Channel strips and adds two parametric mid-band sections (LMF and HMF) with overlapping ranges, variable Q, and the Focus feature. There is also a single, master In/Out bypass button for quick A/B comparisons.

I used the UV EQ on a hardware insert on my Pro Tools stereo mix bus. Just like the Fusion, the UV's Hi/Lo shelving section on entire mixes works great to brighten the top and build out the low end. I boosted 30Hz just slightly while also adding a boost at 20kHz for more "air" on the track.

I then tried the UV EQ on individual vocal and instrument tracks. For a vocal, it was easy to clarify the diction of the singer and, at the same time take care of some peaky moments by zeroing in on them using the Focus feature that's available in both HMF and LMF sections. Focus greatly narrows the Q for boosting or cutting very exact frequency areas. The Gain range is also doubled to +/- 18dB while in Focus mode.

Whether you're working in live sound, recording, or mixing music, the SSL Ultraviolet Stereo EQ is a great choice for an all-around and useful tool for your studio or live sound rack! It sells for $1,299 MSRP.