Tunedly Creates 3,000th Song Since Its Founding

Four years since Tunedly’s founding, Richard Bonnin is working with Tunedly on his latest lyrical creation, the company's 3,000th project.

In February 2015, just a few weeks after having released the first prototype of the Tunedly platform – back then under a different name – Bonnin, a songwriter from Texas, connected with this freshly released online music production platform and initiated a project to have one of his written songs recorded professionally.

“I remember the email notification of the order that night,” recalls Chris Erhardt, CEO of Tunedly. “It only was our 80th song project we received, so everything was still very new, not many routine processes were in place.” Now, almost to the date, four years later, Bonnin is working with Tunedly on his latest lyrical creation, the company's 3,000th project.

Bonnin, as a songwriter, as well as Tunedly, as a company, have grown tremendously over the past four years. Bonnin has signed several of his songs to promising publishing deals, while Tunedly added multiple music industry veterans to its team, including music industry moguls Mathew Knowles (head of Music World Entertainment and father of Beyonce and Solange), Harvey Mason Jr. (Grammy, ASCAP, and Billboard Music Award-winning songwriter and producer), to its Advisory Board, as well as Jayne Nozik, a 20+ year music publishing veteran and former Director of Copyright and Licensing at Warner Music Group, as Tunedly's new Director of A&R and Licensing.

The core Tunedly team, however, has remained the same throughout, which makes it a great fit to advance Bonnin’s career goals. He loves to write songs, and the Tunedly team tries its best to turn songwriters' ideas into highly professional musical productions.

“We are honored that Richard, along with many more songwriters, have been on this journey with us, as we’ve grown in reach and influence,” said Chris Erhardt. “Having looked through our users of February 2015, the month Richard joined, about half of those users are still part of the Tunedly family, four years later. Becoming a professional songwriter is a marathon, not a sprint, just like building a sustainable, successful company.”

“I am glad the majority of our users understand this for their songwriting career, just as much as I appreciate that our staff, partners and investors understand this for the continuous development of Tunedly,” Erhardt said.

To celebrate this milestone, Tunedly now offers songwriters who aren't members of the platform the opportunity to create a song with Tunedly's roster of talented session musicians – which features Grammy Award-winning musicians and singers, as well as performers who were part of major label projects for names including Katy Perry, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Randy Travis.

“We normally don't work with songwriters who are not members of our platform, so we can tightly monitor the workload of our staff and session players,” Erhardt said. “However, considering the special occasion, and the fact that we added a few more session musicians, recently, we implemented a guest production function to give non-members the opportunity to experience Tunedly and see their songs come to life.”

The guest production function is only available for a limited time.

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