New Toys: Audeze Euclid In-Ear Headphones

Euclid are Audeze's first closed-back in-ear headphones with the same planar magnetic driver technology as the rest of the Audeze headphones, except in miniature—the drivers are 18-mm in diameter. These in-ears' housings are made from precision-milled aluminum and carbon fiber with a ring of gold trim that matches the gold-plated MMCX cable terminations. I prefer the MMCX connectors because they rotate freely, and securely connect every time with a positive "click" when changing cables.

The Audeze Euclid's single planar magnetic driver is full-range with a frequency response of 10Hz to 50kHz; it does not require a crossover like multi-driver in-ears. 

My first testing was on my daily morning walks listening to my favorite streaming service via the included USB rechargeable Cipher Bluetooth cable. Euclid also comes with regular stereo TRS and balanced TRRRS cables—both use beautiful braided cabling.

Cipher has a SIRI-compatible built-in microphone for phone calls, and also comes with MMCX connectors. It has an 8-hour rechargeable lithium ion battery that recharges in up to 2 hours.

On my very first walk, I immediately found the sound three-dimensional with a stereo image clarity I didn't expect. They fit great and, after a while, I forget that I have them on. I have not had this kind of comfort with any of the pairs of my expensive custom-molded in-ears.

Noise isolation is good while walking out on a busy city street; there is minimal outside traffic noise once I get the fit correct using one of the pairs of the Comply™ ear tips which are included. The Bluetooth cable pairs quickly with my iPhone 12 and will go louder than I can take.

On my own mixes, I can hear all the panning positions clearly and the center image is solid. Reverb tails and other effects are correct in level (perspective) and stereo width. I've been looking for in-ears this true, this comfortable, and with this much sound isolation for a long time! These are now my all-time favorite in-ear monitors and are highly recommended.

Audeze Euclid closed-back in-ear headphones sell for $1,299 MSRP.