New Music Critique: Stormy Strong 


Stormy Strong 
[email protected]


Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Alternative

Though based on a cartoonish gimmick (a seafaring captain and his faithful crew—which includes mermaids and a truckload of beachballs and floaties), Stormy Strong has a serious gift for infectious hooks and the skills to put his “saltwater rock” across with a light, fun-filled, (some might say silly) panache. Sporting an irresistible hook, “Jumpstart the Heart” is a real rouser, a rockin’ pop-punk tune.  And what it lacks in substance, it makes up for in sheer party-hearty energy.  “Goodbye” delivers a theatrical, Rocky Horror-ish vibe as it trumpets the band’s seafaring theme. “Nomad on Mars” features female voices (“bring me to the stars!”) and a more grown-up sound, and it might be the band’s best tune.  All aboard!