New Toys: Heritage Audio Bluetooth BT-500 v2

Heritage Audio has an updated version of their Bluetooth streaming module that fits into a single 500-rack slot. This is a great idea for any studio when musicians, artists, and management people just want to quickly play from their phone a new song idea or vocal part, or even a mix directly from their studio monitors.

All phones and devices can stream audio—just pair up to the Heritage Audio BT-500 and begin playing music straightaway. Forget about using a mini-jack to get audio out of cellphone--most phones don’t have those any more. Using AirDrop or e-mailing, a file takes too much time!

The BT-500 v2 is universal and recognizes what codec your device uses and then streams stereo audio up to 100 meters. A red Sync LED lights up to show you're paired, and you can also manually reset the connection with a red push button on the front panel. 

I ran a pair of XLR cables from my 500 rack over to my Cranesong Avocet IIA monitor controller, and streamed audio at standard operating line levels. I like that the BT-500 v2.0 is tucked away in one of my 500 racks and the small ''rubber ducky" antenna on the front panel allows for a solid BT connection over a much further distance than other devices.

The BT-500 v2.0 has been an excellent addition to my studio since I first received it for review! I mostly have artists and producers over here in my mix room and being able to compare what I have going on in a mix to what they are hearing on their phones is an amazing tool to have! It's immediate and a major upgrade! 

The Heritage Audio Bluetooth BT-500 v2 Module sells for $299 MSRP.