New Study: Which Genre Has the Most Expensive Concert Tickets?

Which genre of music comes with the most expensive concert tickets?

Experiencing concerts and live performances comes with a literal price. As music fans prepare to buy tickets to the biggest summer concerts, which genre of music comes with the biggest price tag?

These are the top 10 most expensive genres of music and the average price of tickets:

  1. Classic Rock - $119.14

  2. Pop - $100.65

  3. Latin - $91.38

  4. Rock - $85.94

  5. Hip-Hop - $83.49

  6. R&B - $80.05

  7. Performance - $77.03

  8. Folk - $75.20

  9. Comedy - $73.49

  10. Country - $66.18

By collecting the average ticket price and total ticket sales from 800 of the top concert tours from 2017-2021, FinanceBuzz was able to find which genres of music are most and least expensive to see live, which genres generate the most money, and more in their most recent study.

What is the most expensive music genre to see in concert?

Of the 13 genres analyzed, classic rock concerts proved to be the most expensive for fans. The average ticket price for concerts in this genre was $119.14. This was nearly $20 higher than the second most expensive genre, pop, which had an average ticket cost of $100.65. Tickets for the third most expensive genre — Latin music — cost $91.38 on average.On the opposite end of the spectrum, Christian music concerts were the most affordable. Ticket prices for top artists in that genre averaged less than $40. Electronic dance music (EDM) tickets were the next most affordable at $55.05. Those are the only genres with average ticket costs of less than $60.

The full study is available here