New Music Critque: Mantra Americana


Mantra Americana

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Seeking: Review
Style: New Age Chant, Roots

With lyrics in the Hindi language, artist Madi Das (who is Berlin-born and now lives in Australia) still manages to convey a welcoming, jubilant message, each song an invitation for the listener to stand up and join the group in singing the robust call-and-response choruses. “Tam Pranamami” has a warm, gliding spirit, with a touch of twang that’s nice to hear. The mellow “Shri Ramachandra” again showcases the vibrant spirit of the backup singers, who are supported by traditional Eastern instruments as well as a mandolin. Our favorite is “Ramani Ramana,” where Madi Das is a strong lead singer rather than a part of the congregation. This is East-meets-West music that invites, encourages and inspires participation.