Filmspeed live review photo by Jacob Emery

Live Review: Filmspeed at the Lost Knight in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Rock band Filmspeed delive r
an eclectic and modern sound while still incorporating classic rock, blues and Motown elements. From the quirky Maroon 5-esque “Sharp Tongue,” to channeling Foo Fighters
 in “Faster,” to their Silversun Pickups-meets- Muse single Werewolves,” this trio wants to show that they can appeal to different listeners. On record their original songs are sharply stylized and ooze with personality, qualities that Filmspeed also bring to the stage.

Musicianship: Frontman Broombaugh combines charismatic similarities to Jared Leto and Butch Walker, while drummer Mozina has a Nirvana-era Dave Grohl feel to his technique, and bassist Stout could’ve easily been the third member of the White Stripes. The chemistry is so apparent that it shines through the band’s recorded music and live performances. The trio’s ability to feed off one another creates a cohesive vocal-to-instrumentation ratio that draws in listeners.

Performance: Filmspeed commendably did their best to utilize the limited space they were given. Broombaugh was enthusiastic yet humble, which indicated that he is born for a larger stage, and the remaining band members certainly didn’t lack in energy either. Ironically, Filmspeed were told to keep the noise down as the venue was not made for a rock band performance. Sadly, the open space caused the vocals to be lost. However, the set was not a complete disappointment. There was great harmonizing between all three players, and they had a fun and carefree vibe better suited for a late night dive bar. Filmspeed fluctuated between indie, pop-punk and hard rock with clear influences in the funk genre, which made for an entertaining show. The band’s stage infectious spirit was impressive and it showed their potential to command a larger stage.

Summary: Though the venue’s set-up conspired to handicap the show, Filmspeed 
did not crack under the pressure. In fact, this experienced band pressed onward to deliver a handful of anthemic rock tracks. Some bands are better suited for established venues, not restaurant/bar/venue hybrids. Filmspeed is one of those bands.

The Players: Craig Broombaugh, lead vocals, guitar; Nick Stout, bass, backing vocals; James Mozina, drums, backing vocals.

Photo by Jacob Emery

Venue: The Lost Knight
City: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Filmspeed - "Anywhere"

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