SiddTheKidd new music critiques

New Music Critiques: SiddTheKidd


Artist SiddTheKidd collabs with a variety of producers on these indie/lo-fi recordings and the results vary. Our fave is “Solo Type.” Its desolate, deep-space vibe and Sidd’s lonely, echoing lament (“Always been the solo type...”) is a stunner as it conveys an introvert’s struggle to stay connected with her lover. However, “Pretty In Pink” suffers from muffled vocals, both in the mix and in the singer’s distance from the mic. The love song “Already Know” is handicapped by jarring production, including ear-piercing drum cracks. Bottom line: Sidd has something—there’s a certain appeal in her voice that we really like—and we urge her to continue to develop consistency as a vocalist and recording artist.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/akiddnamedsid
Seeking: Label
Style: R&B, Rap

SiddTheKidd - "Reminiscing"

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