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New Music Critiques: The Audiots


Hard to believe a band would release such poor sounding recordings, but that is what the Audiots have done, where, on every song, singer Isaac Kahn is all but buried in the mix. On “Boogie,” for example, the sound mix seems off kilter, if it even exists at all. Doesn’t get much better with “You All Night” (drums and cymbals way too loud!) and the muffled “Homesick” either. Instrumentally, the band members sound tentative, lacking in confidence. Guitar solos are conservative and timid. And it’s a shame, because there actually seems to be something to these songs, which show a distinct Strokes influence. We urge the Audiots to beat it back to the drawing board––and the rehearsal room.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: theaudiots.com
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Style: Indie Rock

The Audiots - "Boogie"

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