LOVEYOU new music critique

New Music Critiques: LOVEYOU


A project that is more intriguing in its aims than in its execution, the best we can say at this point is that LOVEYOU gives off an occasional whiff of Britpop kingpins Oasis, but is unable to realize its own vision in these recordings.

Blame the poor production quality of songs like “I Want To (Make You Feel Happiness)” and “Feel Like Me,” where the lead vocals are swallowed by the rest of the band, rendering them closer to muddy low-fi alt-rock than enthralling dream-pop. And that’s unfortunate, because LOVEYOU is clearly aiming for unique sounds and juxtapositions above and beyond the sludgy bass lines and rudimentary musicianship. It would be interesting to hear if a skilled producer could make this project cohere.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/loveyoutheband
Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Pop

LOVEYOU - "I Want To (Make You Feel Happiness)"

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