New Music Critiques: Gabriella Raelyn


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Web: Soundcloud

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV, Reviews
Style: Dream-Pop, Synth-Pop

Colorado-born, Los Angeles-based artist Gabriella Raelyn used to go by the name Gemyni. We’re not sure what prompted the name switch, but it does imply a more personal, intimate approach to the lyrics and that’s entirely appropriate. Raelyn’s latest album is called NEPHELE: Act I,  and the first single from that is “wish upon a STAR” (the odd capilization is deliberate). Raelyn has a gift for creating moods with both her lyrics and music, in sync. There are elements of Kate Bush in there, some Tori Amos, a little bit of Björk. But ultimately, Raelyn is very much her own artist—someone capable of creating cinematic soundscapes that are somehow simultaneously epic and understated.