New Music Critiques: Mött


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Web: reverbnation.com/mött

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Style: Rock

It’s probably important that we note right from the start that Mött isn’t connected to Mott, the latter era incarnation of British rockers Mott the Hoople. This is further confused by the fact that, on some of the provided pictures, Mött mainman Martin Epp is sporting Ian Hunter-esque hair and sunglasses. Musically too, you can tell that Epp has listened to a lot of ‘70s British rock including, but not limited to, Hunter’s work. There are also hints of Free/Bad Company in there, some Deep Purple, as well as touches of polished ‘80s U.S. rock bands such as Journey and Boston. He roped in Jeff Scott Soto to contribute to a couple of songs, which is impressive. Musically, Mött is sound, and the passion is evident from bar one.