Up Close: Nathan Gluck/Vita Vocal Health


Welcome Back Your Natural Voice: A well-respected cantor for over 40 years, Nathan Gluck was a popular and influential presence in that role for 32 years at Flatbush Park Jewish Center in the Mill Basin section of his native Brooklyn. The projection dynamics of his voice was so powerful that his chants filled the space without use of a microphone. Concurrently launching his career as a well-respected private vocal instructor, he has spent over 30 years helping students of all ages—from pop/rock singers and TV/radio announcers to children and older adults—achieve such power and “welcome back” their natural voices. Taking a holistic, individually customized approach which draws from the many different methods and unique cultural practices he has studied, Gluck—who calls himself a voice builder and vocal specialist—has helped over 2000 students from the U.S. and Israel to the U.K. make their natural voice better, stronger, clearer and more comfortable for the throat. One of his specialties is bringing back the vitality of the voice for those who have lost it. He was also able to bring back the voice of a client who had lost her voice completely to chemo. “As people get older, people often lose the vitality in their voice and I have learned how to bring back their youthful voice,” Gluck says. “Most teachers concentrate on vocal exercises, but I have learned how to make the lungs stronger and fuller while also developing direct exercises for the vocal cords/folds themselves.”  

Natural Supplements for Voice, Throat and General Well-Being: Since launching its initial product line in 2014, his company Vita Vocal Health, has helped thousands of singers, musicians and “civilians” enhance their vocal health with natural, gluten, dairy and gelatin free supplements. The company’s mission is summed up in their statement: “When you are done wasting time on solutions that don’t work, try our health products. We’ve gotten some of the best feedback from real life performers like yourself.” All supplement products are vegetarian capsules, manufactured in a facility that is FDA approved. All products are GMP and made in the United States. 

Vita Vocal Throat & Voice Enhancer: This flagship product is a natural blend designed to boost and strengthen the voice to the max.  After years of searching for the right blend, a voice specialist arrived at the perfect formula to help prevent vocal cord inflammation, minimize dryness, boost vocal clarity and soothe the throat—ensuring that the singing voice feels comfortable. It is a powerful blend of natural herbs and vitamins, including a flower known as Linden, American ginseng, slippery elm bark, chamomile and marshmallow root, plus many others. 

Other Vita Vocal Supplements: The Vita Vocal Super Defense is a natural blend designed to boost and strengthen your immune health and fight against colds. Like the Throat & Voice Enhancer, it loosens phlegm and may help with laryngitis. It works in conjunction with that supplement to help clear sinus and respiratory passages and help the functions related to the lungs. Calming and Anxiety Ease is a stress relief and mood booster supplement that helps with stage fright. Memory & Focus Booster helps memory and cognition by supporting oxygen and circulation in the brain, brain cells and neurons. Vita Energy Boost plus Vision Support, which may assist with increased physical and mental stamina and improved endurance. Aller Relief reduces seasonal discomfort and sinus congestion while boosting immunity. VitaVocal’s newest product is Sleep Support, which helps users fall asleep quickly, achieve quality rest and refresh their minds. 

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