New Music Critiques: Funds For Jimmy


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Style: Water Color Emo

The self-identifier of a “Water Color Emo” band is enough to get us intrigued in this SoCal garage band (Post-twinkle-indie if you ask us!). We love the opener from latest album Bankrupt, “Ouid,” which rocks, twinkles, and spaces-out, while lead singer Molly Grace wails and croons with attractive vocals. Hayley Williams is an obvious comparison, though the band is most reminiscent of American Football. Our favorite track is “(de)composure,” angsty as it needs to be, with the full release of Grace’s screams at the end. By the time we heard “Nostalgia Ultra,” it did become hard to remember what hooks and riffs came from where. We’d suggest more varied songwriting. Funds for Jimmy has graduated from the basement circuit.