Farahri new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Farahri


Canadian solo artist Farahri definitely has 
a voice for pop/R&B, but inconsistent diction and her recordings’ huge production ambitions often overpower the singer’s lead vocals and obscure her message. “Tug of War” is typical of the artist’s songs, which deal with relationship battles. The stabbing cello section starts it all off with a stately urgency then gives way to a full 4-on-the-foor dance workout. It’s an intricate song that could improve its impact with some careful tightening and editing––less is more. On “Perfect Shadow” she’s the oppressed one; on “Work For Me” she’s the oppressor. There are nice touches here and there, but the tracks are cluttered, sometimes chaotic and overly complex.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: farahri.com
Seeking: Label, Distr., Booking, Film/TV
Style: Pop/R&B

Farahri - "Take Me As I Am" (acoustic)

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