New Music Critique: YNC Crashout  

YNC Crashout  
Contact: [email protected]

Web: Spotify

Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Rap

If references to Waffle House don’t give it away, YNC Crashout’s thick rural accent makes him an authentic new voice in the Memphis rap scene. “Throw It” features slurred stream-of-consciousness over a trippy instrumental—at times, it sounds like a broken record. Another track, “Right Now,” is more contemporary, a better overall mix, with the added experimentation of auto-tuned sung vocals. Most interesting was the single, “Attached,” which demonstrates the most technical performance from the emcee and production team. The song is built around a pitched-up, sped-up soul sample. While we believe YNC Crashout has potential, we feel the music at this point is a bit plain.