Willodean - new music critique

New Music Critique: Willodean


Propelled by the songs of keyboardist Randy Wooten and spearheaded by the vocals of Abbie Huxley, Willodean have plenty going for themselves, not the least of which is smart and compelling lyrics. “Oh Well” is a clever, mid-tempo pop-rocker where Huxley shows off an effective falsetto. The band downshifts the energy for “Shy,” which is propelled by an impish bassline and sweetened with a touch of synth mandolin. The confessional “Don’t Give Up” is an ultimately affecting love lamentation by a troubled, broken man. As crafty and talented as this band is, we sense that they still lack something, an extra sparkle, that will make or break their prospects. Nothing a hit song wouldn’t solve.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: willodean.com
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Indie Rock, Power Pop

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