White Owl Red

New Music Critique: White Owl Red


We like how the lead vocals of artist Josef McManus are mixed high and prominent in these recordings. What becomes clear is that he projects real character, has a point of view and isn’t coy about presenting it. “World is changing too fast” he sings on “Existential Frontiers,” which is powered by a driving country-rock beat and tasty slide guitar and harmonica. Equally up-tempo but more angry is “Union Fight Song” whose message is driven home with snarling electric guitar underscored by nice banjo. McManus faces a soured relationship with “We ain’t losing nothing that’s already gone bad.” While his tunes are not drop-dead catchy, there’s an authentic edge to this performer that makes a strong impression.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: whiteowlred.com

Seeking: Film/TV/Podcast

Style: Alt-Country/Americana/Folk