New Music Critique: Tommy Mora


No question that Tommy Mora is powered by a rock & roll heart that pulses through every lick of his songs. Perfect example is “Let It Shine,” a rousing rocker tailored to get folks up and dancing. Though not a particularly original tune, it preaches good vibes and sounds great while it’s happening. Same goes for “Your Love”; powered by a swinging horn section, it would be impossible to feel sad while listening to this jubilant song (despite its rickety bridge). And the red-hot harmonica and tasty wah-pedal guitar on “Simple Man” mirrors Mora’s proud defiance (“your money means nothing to me”). These self-produced tunes are a great calling card for what promises to be a tail-kicking live set.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: tommymora.com
Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Film/TV, Booking
Style: Blues-Rock, Funk

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