New Music Critique: The Soft Parts

The Soft Parts   
Contact: [email protected]

Web: spotify.com

Seeking: Label, Exposure
Style: Pseudo-jazz/art-funk/sophisti-pop/lounge

The Soft Parts have a unique style that’s a mixture of sounds that make their instrumentals an acquired taste. We’re not sure who the audience is for this, but it’s interesting nevertheless. Benefitting from an excellent mix, “Danae” generates a celestial, ethereal spell as it builds, adding energy to its ultimate climax.  “Del Roma” is spiced with an amalgamation of synth accents and delivers a lounge vibe with strong piano playing and an electronic drumbeat. Perhaps the band’s most daring is the 12-minute+ “Tout va Bien,” which becomes fast, funky and chaotic, with LOTS of rhythms, strong bass lines and prominent percussion to the end. Definitely, this is music meant for only the most daring, open-eared listeners.