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How Free Music Downloads Can Launch Your Career As An Emerging Artist

It's truly surprising that many artists hold the belief that offering free music downloads devalues their creative work. Despite this perception, they still choose to make their music available on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple. This discrepancy raises questions about the underlying motivations and priorities of these artists.

Some might argue that by making their music available on streaming platforms, they are sacrificing the perceived value of their work in exchange for wider exposure and accessibility. On the other hand, others might see it as a necessary move in today's digital landscape where streaming is rapidly becoming the dominant form of music consumption. Regardless of their reasons, this ambivalence highlights the complex and evolving nature of the music industry and the challenges that artists face in promoting their work.

Here’s five reasons music artists should use free music downloads as part of their music marketing strategy:

  • To reach a wider audience
  • To build their fanbase
  • To increase social media engagement
  • To gather valuable data
  • To increase sales and revenue

Reaching a wider audience: By offering free music downloads, artists can reach a wider audience and introduce their music to new listeners who may not have otherwise discovered their work.

Building a fanbase: By offering free music downloads, artists can start to build a fanbase and connect with their fans. This is especially important for emerging artists who are looking to establish their brand and grow their following.

Increasing social media engagement: By offering free music downloads, artists can encourage fans to follow them on social media, engage with their content, and share their music with others.

Gathering valuable data: By offering free music downloads, artists can gather valuable data about their audience, such as their location, demographics, and music preferences. This information can be used to make informed decisions about future marketing and promotional strategies.

Increasing sales and revenue: Offering free music downloads can ultimately increase sales and revenue for artists by driving interest in their music and encouraging fans to purchase additional music, merchandise, or concert tickets. By building a strong fanbase, artists can create a sustainable source of income from their music.

The current music industry has shifted to focus on the use of music as a tool for other products and services, rather than relying solely on music sales and streaming as the main sources of revenue for artists. This shift has opened up new opportunities for music artists to make money from their music through various non-traditional methods. For instance, music is being used in video games, advertisements, movie soundtracks, and more. With this in mind, more music artists are exploring ways to integrate themselves into these products and services, to maximize the value of their music and secure long-term financial stability. Additionally, they can also focus on building and engaging their fanbase, creating merchandise and other tangible products, and finding innovative ways to monetize their music beyond traditional methods. By looking beyond just music sales and streaming, artists can tap into a wider range of revenue streams and secure a more sustainable future in the music industry.

Expanding further, providing free music downloads allows music artists to reach a wider audience and connect with more prospective fans. People are attracted to the word "free" and are more likely to respond to call-to-actions when there is no cost involved. This approach can be a highly effective way for music artists to gain exposure, build their fan base, and create a loyal following. By offering free downloads, music artists can demonstrate their creativity and engage with fans on a more personal level, which can lead to a deeper connection and a more dedicated fan base. Additionally, paid free music downloads allow artists to track their downloads and gather data on their audience, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their marketing strategy and future releases. –By Jeffery Lakes

JEFFERY LAKES is the founder of Cards Cash Rewards LLC. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Cards Cash Rewards develops gift cards into discovery and monetization solutions for music artists that enable them to establish sustainable independence. For more information, please visit: https://cardscashrewards.com