Extreme Management Group Signs Spiral Fracture

Extreme Management Group (EMG), home to bands like Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Rings of Saturn, and more, has announced their partnership with Richmond, VA rock/metal act Spiral Fracture.

Out of the darkness and ever expanding genres of music comes the standard of all that is to come. Spiral Fracture reaches into the musical past and modern tonalities by injecting hard hitting drums, intertwining melodies with soul jarring bass hits. The foundation is then elevated with an alto vocal range that solidifies the band to a progressive metal standard.

Based on the fibonacci spiral formula that is reoccurring in nature, the band exploits the human element of disarray that fractures and goes against the grand design. Spiral Fracture pulls influences from Prog, Rock, Death, Black, and power metal. The band fuses raw primal emotion with cold, calculated tactile infrastructure that blurs the genre lines and shapes the melodic, integral spiral that is Spiral Fracture. The name and the music are designed to pull you away from the norm and bring the listener in and experience a new way of understanding the world around us. Our fractured society is blind to each other's point of view and our music and lyrics are meant to connect us in a way that can unite our fractured society.

The band has signed with Extreme Management Group, and had the following to say about the partnering, “Spiral Fracture is excited about our partnership with Extreme Management Group and the potential for growth in our partnership". EMG said, “Spiral Fracture has done a great job launching the band. We intend to make that hard work count." Anticipate big things to come from Spiral Fracture and Extreme Management Group.

Website: spiralfracturemetal.com