New Music Critique: Stacy Antonel

Stacy Antonel   
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Booking, Label
Style: Americana

Here’s twangy, classic country by Stacy Antonel, whose rangey voice is ideal for her original material. She even accents it effortlessly with that authentic “yodel” inflection. On “Always The Outsider” Antonel sings about “small town games” while her pedal steel player imbues it with tasty tones. The laidback, romantic “Planetary Heartache” has a waltz feel to it, and a wonderfully lilting melody. Our favorite song of the bunch is “Heartbroken Tomorrow” whose brisk, rockin’ beat is a winner and allows Antonel’s voice to really climb the scale. And the guitar solo finale is drop-dead dazzling till the fade out. Antonel is really singing the hell out of this one. No question this artist and her band would rock the house wherever they play.