Donner Releases B1 Synth Update, Introduces 'Song Mode'

Chinese musical instrument manufacturer Donner announced the release of the latest firmware update, V1.1.0, for the Essential B1 Bass Synthesizer, their first analog bassline synthesizer with sequencer. This major update brings a host of exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, making the Essential B1 even more versatile and user-friendly.

SONG MODE Unleashes Infinite Creativity

With the V1.1.0 firmware update and the introduction of SONG MODE, a feature that extends the sequencer from 16 steps to an astounding 256 steps, users can now chain up to 16 patterns, creating seamless transitions and expanding the possibilities of music creation. The new SONG MODE can be switched automatically or manually using the 16 designated buttons, providing quick access to 16 favorite patterns.

Other Updates from the V1.1.0

In addition to the groundbreaking SONG MODE, the V1.1.0 firmware update brings several enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

  • Firmware Version Display

Upon power on, the LED screen now displays the firmware version for easy reference.

  • Improved Step Editing

The back-lit keypads now indicate the pitch of each step during REC/EDIT mode, facilitating precise adjustments.

  • Streamlined Parameter Adjustment

Adjusting OCT, GATE LENGTH, and RATCHET for each step is now faster and more intuitive by holding the corresponding button and pressing the↑/ ↓ buttons.

  • Smart Save Indicator 

Whenever unsaved changes are present in the sequence, the SAVE button will light up, and when switching patterns without saving, the SAVE button will flash briefly for confirmation.

  • Enhanced Random Note Generator Access

The Random Note Generator is now accessible via PLAY/STOP + REC/EDIT, simplifying the process during sequence playback.

  • Improved Clear/Rest Function

To clear the pending pattern, use PLAY/STOP + CLEAR/REST instead of PATTERN + CLEAR/REST.