New Music Critique: Sonic Rebel


Contact: [email protected]

Web: sonicrebelmusic.com

Seeking: Distribution
Style: Electronic Rock

Drummer Tammy Hurt spearheads this project, based out of Atlanta, GA, and she infuses her array of electro instrumentals with glitch, dub and trap elements. “Run” starts as you might expect, with a strong, insistent beat, and keeps you interested by introducing a new section every 32 bars. “Reign” is upbeat, catchy and funky, and it transitions to different sections flawlessly. Finally, the composer changes the mood to pensive and mysterious for the downtempo themed “This Vibe,” and we gotta say we found it to be mostly plodding and dull. Nevertheless, Sonic Rebel has enough flair and finesse to make the case that Tammy Hurt could certainly enhance the right film scoring project.