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New Music Critique: Primal Static

Musicianship 7

Not the first twosome to offer its own take on raw-boned, stripped-to-the-primer blues-rock, the appropriately named Primal Static is custom-made for listeners who crave an uncompromisingly alternative (anti-commercial) attack. Case in point: the galloping pace and percussive, electric bass and guitar intro to “Come Back To Me” give it a deep, blunt-edged vibe that we like, but it makes GT’s searing, high-pitched vocal attack (despite some good moments) a mismatch by comparison. Here and there you’re reminded of Zeppelin or Wolfmother or White Stripes, but in the end, each track here, hampered by a shortage of dynamics, becomes stale and plodding, failing to keep the listener engaged.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: PrimalStatic.com
Seeking: Label, Film/TV, Booking, Mgmt
Style: Alt-Rock, Blues

Primal Static - "Fall Before Your Pride"

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