Producer David Kershenbaum Upgrades Studio with Solid State Logic

For decades, multi-Platinum producer David Kershenbaum relied on large-format Solid State Logic mixing consoles while crafting Grammy-winning hits for the likes of Tracy Chapman, Duran Duran, Joe Jackson, Bryan Adams and Supertramp. Determined to keep working when COVID-19 closed most commercial facilities, he sought out equipment that could deliver that familiar SSL sonic performance and built out a new private studio, installing a pair of BiG SiX SuperAnalogue™ compact mixing consoles and a Fusion analogue multi-processor.

“I have always worked and continue to produce in commercial studios with the finest analog equipment. In early 2020, as the pandemic was raging, it became almost impossible to continue producing in these facilities. I needed an alternative. I already owned a very extensive home ProTools rig but I was limited to only the “in box” system”, says Kershenbaum, who previously owned a major commercial facility housing huge SSL consoles as well as a pair of two of the first AWS900 analogue desks to be delivered by SSL. ​ I wanted to find an alternative.”

"Thinking about what I could do, as far as summing and getting more of an analog signal, I thought I would try an SSL BiG SiX. I loved it, so I got two and put them together,” he reports.