OB Swank

New Music Critique: OB Swank


NC-based OB Swank brings his southern sensibilities to intimate, relatable songs like “A Foreva Thang,” a sombre, soulful swirl (with Kanye-style “chipmunk” backup vocals) where the artist pays heartfelt tribute to his longtime significant other. “Losing Interest,” on the other hand, is about a relationship with no future. Then the artist throws us a curve with “Finding Peace in Dilemmas,” which starts with dissonant vocals and proceeds to deploy a succession of artful (non-commercial) elements, including an insistently unmelodic piano. All in all, we feel OB Swank has a unique vision that is undermined by a bland vocal tone. He might want to enlist other performers to have a go with his material.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: obswank.com

Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV

Style: Hip-Hop