New Music Critique: Nicc Angeles


Nicc Angeles knows the value of a hook, and he features one prominently in each of his recordings. “Over This” is probably his best, overall. The song starts with a pensive, moody piano that rides atop a dramatic bed of strings to tell the story of a relationship gone bad. But while his catchy “I’m over this” chorus makes an impact, we’re split on the merits of his vocals–– some of us feel his voice sounds dull and lifeless. We all agree, however, that he undermines his potentially memorable chorus by including too many tangents. It would be better to trim out the excess and emphasize the song’s hook. Keep it simple and direct. The synth-fueled “Want You More” seems well suited to this artist’s strengths.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Electronic Dance, Pop, R&B