New Music Critique: Mr. Primitive


Mr. Primitive 
Contact: [email protected]

Web: mrprimitivemusic.com

Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Alternative Rock

The well-named Mr. Primitive has a collection of recordings that sound very demo-quality, and from his voice to his instrumentation these recordings sounds to us like a passion project. Still, he delivers enough on each song to show what it could be, if produced at a higher level. “Say a Prayer” is a basic attempt at a classic rock formula. The blues-rocker “Better Than Being Alone” shows basic guitar work along with a nice contribution from electric organ from a full band. (Though we suspect there are no other band members, simply presets.) A tune that stood out best due to its optimistic spirit is “Learn to Love Again,” which has a poppy chorus and a sturdy progression. Overall, we urge this artist to shorten his songs.