New Music Critique: Me Like Bees

Me Like Bees
Contact: [email protected]

Web: melikebees.com

Seeking: Mgmt, Film/TV
Style: Indie-Rock

Super-solid indie-rockers Me Like Bees place a high value on hooks and, as on “Radio,” use their all-for-one gang-style vocal power to put each chorus across.  Just awesome.  And, as on all their recordings, the drums and the guitars sound terrific.  Spacey downstroked guitar efforts fuel the song “The Right Stuff,” which of course references the classic astronaut flick: “We’ve got the right stuff! Not too much, just enough!” Best tune of all is “Animal,” which after a cheesy synth-horns intro, delivers a full-on fuzz/funk workout. This recording convinces us that not only can these Bees get a crowd up and shouting along with them, but they have plenty to offer in the area of Film/TV placements.