New Music Critique: Alex Nester

Alex Nester
Contact: info@alexnester

Web: alexnester.com

Seeking: Mgmt, Booking, Film/TV, Label
Style: Soul/Funk

Projecting personality, vitality and a great touch at key moments, singer Alex Nester and her full band deliver songs such as “Slingshot,” which has a pop-jazz vibe at times. Though the recording sounds live-in-studio and is not as well mixed as it could be, the result is more than enough to spark our interest in what comes next, and that is “Empty Handed” where Nester duets with singer Sara Niemietz to great effect on a funky, edgy, downtempo tune. Our favorite, the one we most agree on, is “Someone Better,” with its staccatto music box / player-piano over which Nester’s rich tones float above soulfully angelic harmonies. Despite her tendency to over-enunciate at times, there’s plenty to admire in this performer.