New Music Critique: Louis Anthony deLise 


Contact: [email protected]

Web: louisanthonydelise.com

Seeking: Film/TV Placement
Style: Instrumental, Orchestral

Philly-based deLise is an accomplished composer-arranger whose expertly rendered recordings are by an artist who can artfully infuse his classical-based themes with a modern touch. The melancholic, minor-key piano of “A Gift of Moments” is supported by cello for moments that are by turns bold and bright, with some modernistic aspects (free structure/meter). It’s ideal for a traditional film score. Piano again takes center stage amid the lush orchestral swell of “In The Before Times-Feb. 2020)” along with effective moments of breezy flute and percussion. Giving the flute a lead voice in “At the End of the Tunnel,” deLise makes good use of polyrhythms and 3/4 time. Well done.