Ki Storii

New Music Critique: Ki Storii

Production 8

Bronx-based Ki Storii has no problem putting forth a confident flow. In fact, from the sound of her engrossing shout-flow attack, she’s a woman you do not want to mess with. “Rozay” gets right to the point, with clever lyrics that keep you interested and a catchy beat composed of synths that are by turns elastic and squirrelly. “Beef N Broccoli” comes with a menacing vibe and an overall Asian feel that also makes room for a male rapper that we really like. And the backup singers’ shouts are a powerful touch, too. Best of all, though, is “Act Up” where all of Ki’s strengths show up in a song that’s totally pumped with sass. In Ki Storii we hear an artist who is well on her way to realizing her potential.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: instagram.com/ki_storii
Seeking: Booking
Style: Hip-Hop