New Music Critique: Jerry Gerber


Jerry Gerber
Contact: [email protected]

Web: jerrygerber.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Promotion
Style: Classical-Electronic

At first, you’re impressed by composer Jerry Gerber’s sure grasp of classical styles, as on the sweet “Home & Love.” Graced by the beautiful voice of Abbie Parker, this chamber piece, evocative of another era, transports you to upbeat and sunny realms. And then it gets real interesting as Gerber veers into uncharted modern-edged areas, blending the classical style (even operetta voices) with modern-day synthesizers and electronics in a manner that is masterful. That describes “Symphony #11—4th Movement,” whose frequent transitions are flawless. “Raga” has a surging energy and combines neo-classical sounds (harpsichord) with electronics. Gerber’s ability to blend eras is impresssive. Film/TV folks should take notice.