Product Profile: Saramonic Blink Me B2

The Saramonic Blink Me B2 is a 2.4 GHz 2-person wireless microphone system featuring an advanced industrial design so unique its patented. The Saramonic Blink Me B2 provides a complete, professional grade solution for capturing dialogue and audio content for individual or team based creative professionals. 

The Saramonic Blink Me B2’s system includes a patented dual camera mountable touch screen receiver and two high quality omni directional microphones. The Saramonic Blink Me B2 features a touchscreen interface, customizable features, on-board recording, and a patented charging dock design. The Saramonic Blink Me B2 two omnidirectional microphones (transmitters) can be clipped on, attached to a camera or iPhone etc. and are designed to be able to capture high quality audio content up to roughly 300 feet away depending on the line of sight and other environmental factors. The kit comes with everything you need including all the accessories to make the Blink Me B2 a self-contained, pocket-sized system for capturing remote audio.

The two transmitters on the Saramonic Blink Me B2 are designed to provide reliable, dropout free audio even in challenging acoustic environments such as crowded rooms, outdoors etc. Both transmitters have available onboard noise reduction capability to help filter out extraneous background noise. The Saramonic Blink Me B2 receiver also functions as a charging dock for each of the two transmitters when they are not in use. Once magnetically docked to the receivers, the two transmitters are self-charging. 

The Saramonic Blink Me B2’s dual camera mounted touchscreen receiver can be mounted on top of a or camera via the included iPhone holder. Both the Saramonic Blink Me B2 transmitter and receiver feature a high resolution, easy-to-read touchscreen interface. The Blink Me B2 receiver has a high-resolution status indicator showing battery life as well as transmitter and receiver status. The Saramonic Blink Me B2’s receiver has long battery life and can get up to nine hours of battery life before recharging. The display on the receiver is designed to be easily viewable when mounted on top of a DLSR, video camera etc. via the included hot shoe accessory. 

Each of the two transmitters have an onboard recording capability of up to 8gb and provide provides up to 15 hours of mono recording at 48 HRz 24-bit resolution which can then be downloaded via the receiver’s USB C port. The touchscreens on the two transmitters allow you to control recording functions, activate the available noise reduction function as well as display input levels.

The Saramonic Blink B2 receiver has an autosensing 3.5 mm output which can detect a TRS or TRRS output of the USB-C digital output allows it to be connected to smartphones, tablets computers and more. Saramonic Blink Me B2 comes with a camera mountable cold shoe receiver that has three output settings, mono, stereo. The Saramonic Blink Me B2 features the ability to record simultaneous 3.5 mm and USB-C outputs a TRRS headphones output and self-sensing TRRS and USB-C digital outputs, meaning the Saramonic Blink Me B2’s is capable of simultaneous analog and digital output allowing you to record a safety audio track in addition to your primary recording. 

The available free Blink Me app is available for download and allows you to customize the transmitters touchscreen as well as importing a new theme or logo or picture of your own. You can also via the App customize functions of the transmitter buttons with the included App.  

The Blink Me B2 cones with a full complement of accessories including: 1 x Magnetic Shoe-Mount Adapter with ¼-20 Thread, 2 x Magnetic Transmitter Clip, 4 x Magnetic Mounts, 2 x Screw-On Furry Windshield for Transmitters, 1 x MVC Adjustable Phone Holder with Cold Shoe Mount and ¼-20 Tripod Mount, 1 x TRRS to TRRS Audio Output Cable, 2 x Screen Protector for Transmitters, 1 x Screen Protector for Receiver, 1 x Clamshell Padded Carry Case.

Showcasing the ongoing convergence of audio and video technology, The Saramonic Blink Me B2 offers a state-of-the-art solution that’s perfect for “run and gun” newscasting, interview, podcasting and more. Offering a complete solution at a cost-effective price, the Saramonic Blink Me is a great example of next- generation audio technology and is well worth checking out. 

Saramonic also makes a complete range of wireless microphone systems for creative professionals. Check out the Saramonic website for complete details. 

The Saramonic Blink Me B2 is available now for MAP $249. Find out more at product/blink-me-b2.