Independent Label Pack Records Launches Pack Publishing 

Co-founded by ex-A2IM/UnitedMasters, Believe, and Beatport/FUGA team members in 2020, Pack Records label roster includes: aldn, Godford, Blood Cultures, Internet Girl, CARR, Jackie Hayes, Maya Randle, Glimji, will hyde, Ukiyo, Godly the Ruler, CONNIE, Swansea Skag, Suave Punk, Nilo Blues, and Madisenxoxo.

In Oct 2022, CONNIE signed a record deal with New Orleans and New York based indie label Pack Records to develop Johnson’s debut artist project, a series of mixtapes under his producer/artist name where he is better known as CONNIE. It didn’t take long for Pack Records to fall in love with CONNIE’s prolific work ethic and future forward, genre bending production. CONNIE and Pack Records are excited to announce that CONNIE has signed a worldwide co-publishing deal, Pack’s first and the official launch of Pack Publishing alongside the Pack Records and Pack Management (collectively “Pack Group” or “Pack”) brands.

CONNIE has been one of the best under the radar producers in the U.S. music industry over the past couple of years. After moving from his hometown in Rockford, Illinois to Los Angeles, CA in the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, CONNIE quickly produced his first viral hit song, 2021’s “DIVE IN!” by JELEEL! (signed to Elliot Grange’s 10K Projects). Since then, new opportunities have started to pile up after “DIVE IN!” hit over 20 MM views on TikTok, leading CONNIE to continue a head first dive into more frequent high impact sessions, including writing and placements with multiple members of BROCKHAMPTON ; grouptherapy.; TiaCorine; Zack Fox; Zelooperz; nascar aloe, Matt Ox; BAYLi; Anycia, and more.

Pack. Quote: “We appreciate CONNIE for trusting and believing in us enough to agree to being our first signing on the co-publishing side. At Pack we talk a lot about helping to build worlds around foundational artists, producers, and songwriters. CONNIE is the kind of forward-thinking, genre-defying, cornerstone collaborator that we mean when we. Whether it’s his own artist project ‘Hi_TEK’ or introducing new sounds to hip-hop, electronic music, or pop music, it always feels like CONNIE sees and hears the future. We hope we can help build that future together.”

CONNIE Quote: “I’m very excited about this partnership with Pack. & the next phase of my career. Expanding my work as a producer & writer across all genres, from Hip-Hop to Electronic, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Alternative has always been a major priority for me, alongside bringing the Hi_TEK sound to the world.. They have consistently believed in my vision & work tirelessly alongside my team to bring it to life.”