New Music Critique: Hart2Heavy

Contact: [email protected]

Web: Spotify

Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Heartbreak Rap

Hart2Heavy is a young hitmaker who can write relatable heartbreak raps. “You Changed Me” and “Trust Nobody” are great tracks, well-produced and radio-ready. Vocals are auto-tuned, pitched up and down over brooding melodies, channeling Roddy Ricch and Young Thug (Free YSL!) A less-recent single, “Cry,” is noticably amateurish compared to the aforementioned tracks. The vocoder effect is pitchy, and all mixes sound muffled. This either shows great progress or a previous bad collaboration with a producer. We would suggest even removing “Cry” from Spotify, since it leaves such a different impression of the overall catalog.  As far as future content, the heartbreak niche might be limiting.