Signing Story: Kola Adigun

Date Signed: December 2021

Label: Prescription Songs

Band Members: Kola Adigun

Type of Music: Rap, Rhythmic, Pop

Publicity: Alexandra Greenberg - [email protected]

Web: instagram.com/goodkingkola

A&R: Andrea Doman - Prescription Songs

Based in Texas, Kola Adigun first teamed up with producer D.A. Got That Dope (David Lewis “D.A.” Doman) in high school, working on music together in a rap group that D.A. began producing. Adigun moved away for college, but reconnected and started writing hooks with D.A. after graduating. Getting tracks from D.A., Adigun would add his hooks and lyrics, sending responses back through voicemail – which D.A. then turned into demos and started shopping around to publishers. Prescription Songs was paying attention and Adigun flew to Los Angeles to meet with a team of their writers and producers to get acquainted. 

Adigun has known Prescription A&R, Andrea Doman since middle school (she is D.A.’s younger sister). “She was one of the early ones that believed that I could make it in this business as a writer,” he says. “If there’s something she isn’t feeling, she’ll be honest about it [and] that was really important in picking which publisher to work with.” While he recognizes not everyone has contacts in the business, Adigun says, “You can always use social media. I still reach out to other producers,” adding that YouTube is a great source of information, and that writers and A&R professionals often post about writing sessions. 

Artist development is very important to Prescription and—now signed to a multi-year publishing deal–Adigun is quick to give shout outs to previous collaborators including producers, Vaughn Oliver, Lo Lind and Kenneth “KP” Paige, writers Kaine and Kevo, and singer-songwriter Anthony Watts.

Shares Adigun, “One of the things that was very impressive to me was Rhea [Pasricha], who actually came out to see me. For a Head of A&R to come and see me was very telling - that showed a lot about the leader she is.” Pasricha added, “When Andrea first brought Kola to my attention, I was immediately impressed with his talent and versatility. Meeting him in the studio, I got to witness his unparalleled work ethic and drive. I knew (that) Kola’s abilities – plus Andrea and D.A.’s guidance, alongside our team at Prescription Songs, would be a recipe for success. Very glad to officially welcome him to the family.”