New Music Critique: Giggie Surge


Rapper Giggie Surge really impresses us with multiple facets of his music, from the naturally effortless tone of his voice and flow to the continuously clever wordplay. The most interesting trait of his tracks is the content: a sort of swaggy delivery of pimp-themed, at times grotesque, bars and hooks. If your lyrical tastes require a filter, he might not be for you, but if you’re used to pleasantly grimacing at the content of a bar, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate what Giggie brings to the table. He chooses solid beats for the most part, the best in our opinion being “BND,” with a slight miss on “DON’T KNOW HOW.” That being said, Giggie has a clear knack for rapping and a really unique approach content-wise.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: giggiesurge.com

Seeking: Booking

Style: Hip-Hop/Rap